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Salute April 2008

Hi and welcome to the April newsletter, which covers this year's Salute.

With just days to go before Salute is upon us, things are really busy and we will be there again for the third year in a row. Salute is the major gaming convention in the U.K. and is held at ExCel London, Royal Victoria Dock on Saturday 19th April 10am - 5pm. So what are we up to?

Seeds of War Participation Game
As before, we will be having a participation game, though we have asked for a bigger table so that more can join in. We have increased the size of the board in order to play a couple of games at the same time. This will allow people to get a good idea of how Seeds of War plays, while others can play through a game which is based on a scenario.

We have the miniatures and rules, just come along and enjoy yourself!

You can locate us within your Salute floor plan at the rear of row C (GC17) and this time Hobby box (TD23) will be right next to us who will be stocking DRM on the day.

Salute Battle Pict

As well as the game, the stand will be showing off the entire "Studio" collection of painted DRM miniatures and an exclusive preview of some soon-to-be-released models. Dark Realm will be well represented with some of the guys behind the project being there throughout the day, so if you want to ask about the design process, find out what's in the pipeline, talk about painting with Paul ("TuffSkull" of Mercenary Brush) or if you just want to see some pretty eye candy, our stand is the place to be!

We look forward to seeing you there!

is finally here!

DRM miniatures presents the official title for its 6mm game. A lot of work has gone into this project and Paul and company have been really busy trying to ensure that this rule set doesn't disappoint. The unillustrated version can be viewed here. As usual, please drop by the forums section and let us know what you think. All feedback, good or bad, is much appreciated and helps us to improve on what we have.

So what does that mean?
We have been working hard to start piecing everything together to bring the DRM universe alive. There is much to be done and will not be available straight away. With the rules on their way to being completed, we will look at the reference sheets, army lists, and force organisations to make sure they are up to date. New to that list, we have army guides, intros to each race and a lot more to come.

Aliens Abound!
After Salute, we will be holding a competition involving the Aliens we released not so long ago. So rather than spoil it all now and give you all the juicy details, I will leave this for the next newsletter.

We will do a report on Salute for those who are unable to come along and join us, so don't worry you won't miss out.

For those going to Salute, see you there!


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