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October 2008

Hi and welcome to the October newsletter!

It's been rather quiet of late as far as news is concerned, and I wanted to change this as soon as physically possible. It's been very busy and a lot has happened and changed in the past few months.

Dark Realm Miniatures has been transformed quite a bit in the way it's being run and unlike before I have focused on certain things that I want done rather than running too many projects at the same time and getting nothing done. Our very small team does as much as possible in order to keep things going and to ensure that we make progress. That said, real life has also hit us all hard and free time now comes at a premium, so rather than failing to get things done, various projects of high priority are carried out first before progression is made on others that could be done later. So what are we doing?

Seeds of War Rule Set & Stats
Seeds of War is being promoted by various people all over the world, and there is nothing more helpful than having a decent set of rules to use at demos.

We are going through each document ensuring that it is consistent as well as easy to understand. In addition, we are play-testing various new units and correcting any gliches that may come up through unusual or untested circumstances. Should you find any strange scenarios that you have come across and would like to talk about, by all means, either drop us a line via email or visit the forums and chat about it there.

The illustrated version of the rule set has now been started and I really look forward to seeing how this develops. There will be a lot more content and formatting that may be brought over to the unillustrated version and we have some really good people helping out to get this right and make it worthwhile, so I will keep you updated as this progresses.

Army Guides
If you wasn't aware of it, there are army guides available for download for the Pax Arcadian and Kraytonian races. The Andrayada army guide is still being worked on and should be available very soon. We hope these army guides give you a little insight into the various units and help decide what's best for you and how you play. If you have any feedback on how different units can be used to your advantage, we would love to hear about it. It might even improve my own game! So don't just take our word for it, send in your own tips about what works for you!

Back in February (Wow! Has time flown!) we spoke about background for the various races and how that's being worked on. A lot of effort is being put into this and it's taking time to get this right. So rather than releasing it all at once, I am going to release it on the website in stages, while the work is being put together as a downloadable PDF file. This way you can see the work as we progress. Without giving too much away, Bob Naismith was kind enough to help us out with the artwork that will accompany the background and will also hint at what may come in the future.

Alien Race Competition
This had been delayed due to my very busy timetable, but early September we did manage to find a winner from all the entries. Thomas Foss came up with the idea of calling them the Skyth. So firstly, congratulations again to Thomas and thanks also to the people who took part. We had some very good entries and found it hard to pick a winner from those that we liked, so well done.

Due to the lack of updates and new releases, some people had grown concerned that we had either a problem with casting or were experiencing difficulties in general. That is not the case and we have several casters actually helping us to get some of the releases ready. There are many models at various stages so I didn't feel that it was in our best interest to stick with just one caster. We also needed to speed up the master moulding and casting of new models which had really proved to a be a problem when trying to keep to a schedule.

New miniatures
At the end of this month and November, there will be a number of blisters released. If all goes to plan, you will have some additions to all races: Andrayada, Kraytonian, Pax Arcadian and Skyth. So more on that later this month as to what will be put on the list.

Shows & Events

Goblin Night Fever 9
I mentioned about people all over showing their support and this month, in a few days time, Goblin Night Fever 9 will begin. This wargaming event will take place in France on the 24th, 25th and 26th October. Here is the link for more details if you are interested (I hope you can read French!). The tournaments taking place can be viewed here. DRM is doing its bit to support this event by providing some prizes, and if all goes well, some gamers will be there to provide a demonstration table for Seeds of War. I am sure it will be a great few days!

Epicomp 2008
Just a reminder that this has been running from 1st September and will end on 30th November (latest deadline for submissions). The competition can be viewed here. Good luck to those who are taking part!

Lyon Epic Armageddon Weekend 2008
This will be taking place on 22nd - 23rd November. Like last year, we will be supporting them and hope they have a great weekend, which they should do if the report from last year was anything to go by. As I get more information about this event, I will pass it on.

Warfare 2008
This is taking place on 22nd -23rd November and we will be running a demo/participation table for Seeds of War. After attending the Bovington show, it was decided that Warfare would be great fun as well, so we will be there with our gaming boards and a display of our current range along with sneek previews of new models up and coming. More details of the show can be viewed here. As usual Hobbybox will be helping out by doing the sales side of things.


So that's it until part two of this newsletter which will contain details of the new blisters to be released. So stay tuned!

Happy Gaming!


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